You are living your dream of owning a cafe, coffee shop, bed and breakfast, hotel, or food and beverage store. You are enjoying curating experiences for your customers and serving them some warm hospitality. Yet there is something missing. In a sea of competitors scouting for your customer’s attention, what makes you stand out? If you are mulling over this and want to find that magic ingredient to give you an edge over the competition, then keep reading.

Brands need a USP or a Unique Selling Point to flourish. While new customers are always a welcome sight, retaining them and turning them into regular patrons is essential. This is possible when your customers approach you for a novel experience they cannot find anywhere else. This novel experience can perhaps be the ambiance, location, in-house entertainment, or other aspects. While these are great additions, we know of a USP that can become a central attraction for your business – private label coffee.

What Is Private Label Coffee?

You may have heard of the terms private label coffee or white label coffee in your interactions with vendors or wholesale coffee roasters. Before making a purchase decision on which type of blend you want to finalize, it’s integral to understand the difference between these categories.

White label coffee is a type of blend that is curated for mass consumption. A coffee roaster company will create a blend that is then sold to distributors and store owners. While you can have your own packaging and brand identity with white label coffee, the final product is not unique.

Private label coffee on the other hand is a blend that is specially created, tested, and produced for your brand. These blends are created keeping in mind the taste preferences of your consumer base. It’s safe to say these blends are completely unique to your brand and cannot be found anywhere else. With private label coffee you also create your marketing icons and logos based on your unique brew.

So, which one should you opt for? While this is a decision you take based on the type of establishment you run and it’s needs, there are several advantages to opting for private label coffee. Before diving into the advantages here’s why it’s important to outsource your private label coffee to a third-party vendor.

Can I Roast My Own Unique Private Label Coffee?

We are sure this question has popped into your mind as you read through the article. Most establishments stock private label coffee made by an external third-party vendor. There is a reason this operation is outsourced and not taken on independently.

The primary reason is expertise. Your entrepreneurial skills are great for running a business and understanding your market. Curating a unique blend of coffee requires a different type of expertise which takes years to develop and perfect.

The other reason is expenditure on a sea of materials and machinery. Private label coffee is made using coffee beans sourced from various parts of the world. Contact with vendors, shipping costs, cost of beans, transportation, storage, maintenance, and machinery are all integral aspects of creating your own blend. These will add to your expense and may or may not turn out the way you want. With third-party vendors, your operational and equipment cost is minimized to a large extent.

If you are new to stocking and marketing private label coffee, then it’s recommended to partner with a trust-worthy third-party vendor like White Coffee.

Choosing The Right Private Label Coffee Roaster

Working with an efficient and reliable team is integral to curating the perfect private label coffee for your brand. It’s important that you team up with a company with experience and the resources to bring to life your dream concoction. White Coffee is a brand that brings all these facets during its partnering with your business.

The White Coffee company has collaborated with a host of entrepreneurs and owners to create a line of delectable and delicious coffee brews. The company follows ethical practices and has high-quality standards. This ethos of quality is what will help your brand achieve relevance amongst your customers.

The team at White Coffee makes great efforts to understand what constitutes the perfect blend for you. The entire process is seamless. This private-label coffee roaster works diligently to create blends that surpass national brands. They also offer a vast variety of single-origin, flavored, and decaf coffee options for you to pick from. In addition, their service team promptly addresses any questions you have through the purchasing journey and after.

Going Beyond Just Private Label Coffee – Offering A 360 Solution

White Coffee doesn’t just work with you to create the perfect and unique concoction but also offers marketing support. This begins by understanding your consumer base, curating blends based on their unique preferences, and understanding your growth strategy. The next step is to help your blend find its aesthetic, in the form of packaging design and copy that communicates your message. White Coffee also conducts regular evaluations to offer feedback and improvement areas to help you stay ahead of market trends.

This holistic approach is especially helpful for new owners and entrepreneurs who seek the right guidance when it comes to selling their own private-label coffee. Contact the team at White Coffee now to get the best brew and collaborate with a private-label coffee roaster to bring your coffee vision to life.